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Sustainability Day

Sustainability Day - A Celebration of Resilience and Localisation - 21st September

Naturewise held a Sustainability event on the 21st Sept.13 in partnership with Small World Theatre to highlight the good examples of sustainable projects and businesses that have developed in the local areaas well as looking at how we can go forward. Below is a report of the day written by Bill Hamblett, a director of Small World Theatre 


I would like to thank all who contributed to what was a successful Sustainability Event at Small World Theatre. We kicked off with an introduction from Alpay Torgut from Naturewise who was instrumental in instigating this event. There was hot soup and wonderful bread from Mair's Bakehouse' the off grid bakery, followed by an educational tour of Small World that covered most of the buildings environmental features.  These integrated systems make this very close to being a zero carbon theatre, combined with the company's ethos of producing shows reliant on recycled materials and environmental themes in their work, it seems the ideal venue for such a gathering.

The keynote speech from Jane Davidson highlighted the progress and need for sustainability across the whole of the educational system, (click here for audio recording)  a theme that was endorsed and commented on within the panel discussion. Along with Jane, Brain Mark, Pete Newland and Professor Michael J Hambery there was a great deal of knowledge of and insight into the questions raised from the floor during the fracking debate. I got the feeling that there was a lot of support for helping young people gain awareness of the issues both through formal education and the role the arts play in engaging with the future and future generations. The local paper, The Tivyside mainly focussed their report on the issues raised about wind turbines and Brian Mark's comments on their prime place in renewable energy production,  however I must also mention the wonderful upcycled catwalk show with it's packed presentation of wonderful garments.

Thanks again to the sponsors Celtic Sustainables and the other stall holders for supplying us all with interesting information.

In the heat of the event and the packed programme I forgot to officially launch Small World Theatre's new energy monitoring system installed by Heatshine boss Martyn O'Connor, with a bit of help at this end from Steve Knight. This will gather live readings that will build over the next year to give us useful data on energy generation and use as well as water gathering and use.

This can be found at  http:/

Thanks again and remember: "When you throw plastic away THERE IS NO AWAY"