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Permaculture Picture House at Passing clouds

Tuesday 5th Feb at Passing Clouds, Hackney, 1 Richmond Rd, Behind the Haggerston Pub.

Doors open at 6.45pm

This month we will be celebrating the feminine – from the mother earth and her great cycles, to the womans monthly moon cycle of fertility.
After some short films on this theme, Camilla Power – Anthropologist (University of East London and Radical Anthropology Group), interested in women’s role in the revolution which made us human. Research is on African hunter-gatherer gender ritual, myth, body art and cosmetics – will be introducing the film:

The moon inside you

Like many other women, director Diana Fabianova has been suffering from problematic periods for years. With every new cycle, the same question arises: “Why the pain and annoyance if I am healthy?”. Her initial innocent curiosity sparks off an emotional voyage to the very roots of femininity and life. The Moon Inside You is a fresh look at a taboo that defines the political and social reality of both women and men in a more profound way than society might be willing to admit. Facing the menstrual etiquette with doses of humour and self-irony, the documentary approaches the subject through both personal and collective references, thus challenging our preconceived idea of womanhood.

London’s popular regular permaculture event – feature length and short films on subjects from the whole permaculture spectrum of interests, accompanied by talks from people involved in local and national projects. All night bar and delicious locally sourced food.

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Next month – March 5thMaddy Harland (Permaculture Magazine) & Mark Boyle (the Moneyless Manifesto)

  Passing Clouds, 1 Richmond Rd, E8, off Kingsland Rd, behind the Haggerston pub. 

The buses that will get you close to the venue are those that go up the Kingsland Road or down Ball Ponds Road : 30, 38,
56, 67, 76, 149, 236, 242, 243 or 277. Passing Clouds, 1 Richmond Road, DALSTON



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