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London Permaculture Festival






The London Permaculture Festival Programme - Sunday 22nd August.
Come and join us, to share and learn from Permaculture, Transition and creative projects from all over London.
Locally sourced food from Happy Kitchen & bread from Ben E5 11am-7:30pm

Cecil Sharp House. Regents Park Road, Camden NW1

Over 25 talks and workshops taking place in 5 rooms- listed below  £4. full £3. Cons  (Free to under 18s)

Kennedy Hall (ground floor):

Info stalls, books and everyone else from 11am till 5:30pm
Winter salad plants of sale & growing info with OrganicLea

Southern Solar- manufacturers & installers of Solar Panels
Hackney Marshes User Group
Campaign against Climate Change
Women’s Environmental Network
Biodiversity of London book stall

John-Paul Flinthoff’s Recycling table

Seed Swap- don’t forget to bring some seeds!

Natural Beekeeping Trust
Permanent Publications & Permaculture Magazine book stall
Veggie Power- waste oil to bio diesel

Permaculture Association & LAND project
Sustainable Haringey
Film making Workshop-Bring your own laptops, any equipment- phones, cables cameras etc
Transition Towns Tooting, Finsbury Park & Camden
Lush Cosmetics
Project Dirt’s interactive map of London groups and events

Permaculture Question Time at 2pm
Panel: Andy Goldring (CEO- Permaculture Association), Nicole Freris (Naturewise), Tomas Remiarz (Chair- Permaculture Association), Maddy Harland (Editor- Permaculture Magazine)

Transition Town Talk

with John-Paul Flinthoff journalist for The Times and author of ‘Sew your Own’.

Music –

There’ll be space for impromptu music on the day- so bring your instruments and join in.

Karma Free – ?- A full band sound from just vocals and bass in conjunction with 2 loop stations.

Citizen Helene – 7pm - Beautiful, light and amusing songs from a wonderful voice and guitar.

Northern Celts – 8pm - Magical Celtic Dance Music with caller.

Bar opens at 5pm

Trefusis Hall (lower ground floor):

Morning: Transition Town London Meeting 11am – 1pm
An informal networking event for those interested in meeting up and sharing experiences of Transition Town groups in London.

Afternoon: Worldcafe Networking Event 1pm – 6pm

Connecting Conversations- weaving a stronger London network by talking together about what really matters.

Early Evening: Dark Mountain Project 6.20pm - Start

Hosting ‘Things that grow in the dark’- reading from their new book and inviting conversation on the shadow side of the environmental movement.

Storrow (lower ground floor):

11:30 - Let’s Hear It From the Bees

The ‘crisis of the bees’ as a challenge to humanity. Our estrangement from nature is reflected in our damaged relationship to bees. The bees are telling us that we must change to ensure our common future. Can we open ourselves to the teachings of the colony? Heidi Herrmann from the Natural Beekeeping Trust (60mins)

12:40 - Permaculture- Inspiration around the World
Travel from Scotland to Copenhagen, East Germany to Japan, Australia to Africa without spending any carbon! Enjoy stories and pictures from permaculture communities, both urban and rural. Maddy Harland, Editor of Permaculture Magazine (60mins)

13:50 - Towards Diversity

Addressing Race, Gender and Difference in Our Permaculture Communities

Nicole David & Pilar Lopez (90mins)

15:30 – The Meadow Orchard

This new community-led permaculture project in Crouch End North London is a 1.5acre beautiful open grassland habitat that has been left untouched for several years - the project aims to set up a community garden and forest garden on part of the site as well as protect and enhance the meadow and woodland habitat of the rest of the site. We are working with local community groups, schools and the NHS to create a project that promotes health and wellbeing.
Kate Allardyce(40mins)

16:20 - Reclaim the Fields: moving towards a community food growers network.

A European movement of young people is emerging- RTF is about networking, lobbying and direct action in order to unite growers and the land, everywhere. Sean Hearn from Organiclea and Becca from Urban Food Growers Network will lead a presentation of the movement in this part of the world. (60mins)

17:30 - The Work That Reconnects taster

This is a process devised by eco-philosopher and activist Joanna Macy which offers participants an opportunity to explore and address our feelings around the major changes underway for our planet at the moment, based on the belief that the sharing, expression and acknowledgement of such emotions can free us up to more playfully and effectively play our role in these challenging times. Cath Sutherland. (90mins)

18:45 – Leytonstone Environmental Poets

Original poetry like you’ve never heard it before. After their show there’ll be an open spot for anyone to come and share poems.

Film Room (first floor):

11:20 - The Elephant in the Room
“Permaculture, and the sustainability movement as a whole, has always been based on the idea that we can avoid ecological disaster and create a sustainable society. That has been its aim. If this is no longer possible, what is our aim? Does the new situation require significant changes in the practice of permaculture?”- Patrick Whitefield
Video link-up with celebrated Permaculture author, teacher & designer Patrick Whitefield talking about his recent controversial article ‘The Elephant in the Room’.
Chaired by Claire White. (60mins)

12:30 – Permaculture Polyculture Research project
"Polycultures" is about growing things together - a central concept within permaculture land use. The worshop will introduce examples of polycultures on different scales, introduce the Permaculture Association's member research project in this field and allow time for questions and discusion. Tomas Remiraz. (60mins)

13:40 - An Edible Forest Garden

The presentation will describe the structure, benefits and features of a temperate forest garden and give an account of the first five years of the Forest Garden in Homerton Road, Hackney, with types of planting and species, and illustrated with photographs. David Rees. (30mins)

14:30 - Watercourse Regeneration

Cities are built on a sophisticated infrastructure of water and waste water conduit systems. This talk will examine a future in which the buried watercourses are brought back to the surface to deliver beauty and fresh clean water. A future in which we will understand and respect the vital nature of water, and in which we will work with the natural flow of the water cycle to provide our needs, sourcing more water locally, and using it not once but many times for different purposes. Marilyn Collins. (30mins)

15:30 - London Orchard Project

The London Orchard Project has been running for eighteen months. Come and hear about our successes (and challenges!) in creating successful urban orchards on a shoestring budget.' Rowena Ganguli. (30mins)

16:15- Reels of Resilience
Short archive films from the 30s & 40s covering relevant Permaculture themes including food security and community. What lessons can we learn from the past? James Taylor.

Dome (outside):

11:30 - Introduction to Permaculture

What is this 'Permaculture' stuff about? There's a whole festival to celebrate it, but what is it? This is a brief taster of permaculture so you can enjoy the rest of the festival with that extra bit of info. Hedvig Murray (20m/then outside)

12:00 - NonViolent Communication: a very brief introduction NVC helps us understand what takes place when communication becomes difficult and gives us practical support in how to respond constructively. While we often respond to difficulties in relationship by blaming or judging, NVC encourages us to look for the essential needs behind our communication so that we can respond to ourselves and others with empathy. It is through responding with compassion that we can find win-win solutions in which everybody’s needs get met. Cath Burke and Millie Baker (90mins)

13:40 - Introduction Transition Towns

A short intro into the makers of the Brixton pound. The world of Transition has taken the UK’s environmental scene by storm and is virally spreading across the globe. The whats, whys and wheres are answered, with an eye to the future. (30m)

14:20 - Guerrilla Gardening
Gardening without boundaries delivered from the heart by the unique Chris Tomlinson (30m/then outside)

15:00 - Introduction to Permaculture

What is this 'Permaculture' stuff about? There's a whole festival to celebrate it, but what is it? This is a brief taster of permaculture so you can enjoy the rest of the festival with that extra bit of info. Hedvig Murray (20m/then outside)

15:30 - Permaculture Diploma Talk

What is the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design and how does
it work? Whether you have completed a Permaculture Design Course and are
now considering following the Diploma route to develop your permaculture
practice and studies, want to know about the latest developments with
the Diploma or just want to know what it’s all about, this workshop will
provide you with the answers you've been looking for! Graham Burnett (40m)

16:20 - Medicinal Herb Walk

A herbal talk and walk, to find and explain the uses of plants that grow around us in streets, gardens, parks and verges. Christopher Hedley & Nicole (20m/then outside)


Children’s Events

12 noon - Jack & the bean stalk story telling, treasure hunt & magic bean planting.
2 pm - collecting materials to make a seed mandala.
3 pm - Ugly Bug ball - mini beast hunt and fancy dress show.
6 pm - lantern making.

Poi Dancing, balancing & juggling training with Charlie.

Appropriate for teenagers and adults and children's class will be aimed at children under 14s. Parents are invited to explore cutting edge research into child-developmental psychology and its applications into the teaching of play, dance and sport.

Seed Mandala
An interactive spiritual exercise making a beautiful pattern on the grass in the garden

Dr Bike
The Camden cycling Campaign will be helping people to fix their bikes and giving out info on all the work they do.

11am – 11pm £4/£3 conc
(children & under 18s free :)

Cecil Sharp House
2 Regents Park Road
London NW1 7AY

Tube Camden Town
train Camden Road
A disability accessible venue

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